Friday, November 18, 2016

What are some techniques for retrospectives for dysfunctional teams?

Initiator: Catherine Peck-Phillips
Note taker:  Christina Alonso

Discussion / Key Concepts / Quotes / Revelations / Highlights
  • The dysfunction
    • Dev teams are more interested or committed than other teams.
    • Transparency is important.
    • Some team members have a fear of process.
    • People use buzz words, but are not really doing "it"
    • Things get discussed at retro, but it doesn't get resolved.  Problems keep coming up retro after retro.
  • Metrics can be good, but stay in tuned with how they react to metrics.  If they like it, great!  If not, use pictures or some other way to inform them w/o making the team feel bad/
  • Know your team!!  Learn what they respond well to.
  • There are certain issues that should be addressed outside of retro--perhaps by the coach or manager only.
  • Resources
    • Retro wiki
    • Strengthfinder assessment
    • Belbin (role based assessment)
    • Myers Briggs personality assessment
    • The Ideal Team Player (book by Patrick Lencioni)

Recommendations / Next Steps / Actions

  • Things to keep in mind for Retros
    • Create action items and assign them to someone (Scrum Master)
    • Ensure there is actual value in the meetings
    • Make retros anonymous.  Let the environment be safe!
    • Team should select what they want to discuss or to find a solution for.
    • Mix up exercises to help the discussion and improve conversation.
    • Make sure to stay focused on the topic being discussed...and timebox discussions to ensure all ideas are covered.
    • Make time not just to complain, but to find a solution.
    • Create list of impediments throughout the sprint, so you don't forget them/
    • Have someone record all good/bad things that happen in order to ensure that the "bad" things are also discussed.
    • Review team improvements
    • Let the team lead the discussion.
    • Show data when Possible
    • Establish groundrules for the retro before the meeting starts. (technology down)
  • Retro techniques
    • Use for retro ideas.
    • Take a walk, talk to someone new
    • Try "escape rooms"
    • Win, lose, or draw game
    • Have teams draw how they felt throughout the sprint, and review with team
    • Massage table--"massage" out issues
    • The team must follow through with action items.

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