Friday, November 18, 2016

Topic title: How to implement scrum in a marketing department
Initiator: Dan Crowley
Note taker:  Alison Ramoy

Participants: Travis Serevich, Dottie Stewart, Chelsea Costerg(?), David Hoggk, Monica Murphy, Farrah Miller

Discussion -
History of implementing scrum in marketing at ConnectWise
  • Started with web development team building websites
  • Website development ended up with 2 teams:  Enablement (heavy template development and backend processing) and Content Population (webpage copy, design, creating pages from templates, digital optimization)
  • Additional implementation on non-website projects (product launches, sales campaigns, etc)
  • Not all scrum ceremonies enforced (too many concurrent projects, individuals not dedicated to teams)
Key Concepts
  • Hard to implement "potentially shippable increment"
  • Difficult for teams to be "self organizing" due to multiple team assignments
  • Last minute requests (sales enablement) makes planning difficult
  • How to break away from "master piece campaigns" and move to more iterative campaigns using testing to feedback to the planning process
  • Use test results to allow creative teams to be more autonomous on deciding what next to do
Recommended Resources
  • The Phoenix Project
Recommendations / Next Steps
  • Potentially use different frameworks for different types of teams
    • Website template development (Scrum)
    • Website content population (Kanban)
    • Product Launches (Lean)

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