Friday, November 18, 2016

Topic Title:Dev Ops

Initiator:Hung Chen



Discussion/Key Concepts/Quotes/Revelations/Highlights

  •  Getting everyone together to work on one thing
  • DevOps originated with the cloud
  • Developers would push to the cloub, but standards were weak
  • docker makes it easier to deploy to many different place and the pipeline will be the same
  • Writing and deploying applications
  • PAAS vs Container solutions
    • Containers are "hot new" idea
    • Platform agnostic
    • Platforms lock you into vendors
  • Docker VS Chef VS Puppet
    • Docker is a container
    • Chef installs into OS
  • Documenation vs Code Docs
    • Some want documentation written
    • Level of documentation is flexible based on team knowledge needs
  • DevOps (tools vs culture)
    • How do you consider culture vs tools?
    • DevOps is to move away from siloed teams
    • Everyone needs to understand the tools/flow so tnot one person is responsible
  • What recommendations do you have to move a team to devops?
    • Get upper management buy-ins
    • There are advantages to make it easier to sell
    • there are day-long devops groups you can play to illustrate the point
      • Scripted events development and ops vs devops
  • Modularization can help containerize
    • Going from older system to containerized can be difficult
    • Better to try containerization on a new project
  • Traditional Vs Devops
    • Traditional is more siloed
    • create unnecessary blocks in the process
    • monitoring is important get getting feedback
  • CI - continuous integration
  • Quatliy First
  • Chaos Engineering (Chaos monkey from Netflix)
    • Developers think "How will this work in production?"
    • Devs responsible for fixing things
  • Monitoring Programs
    • Splunk
    • Sumo logic
    • AppDynamics
    • Application Insights
    • Dynatrace
    • sysdig
    • graphite/statsd
  • Reduce cycle time between events (site down) to the fix (site back up)
  • test early and often
  • feature flags + A/B testing

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