Friday, November 18, 2016

Cultivating KANBAN, Kanban vs. Scrum

Topic Title: Cultivating KANBAN, Kanban vs. Scrum
Initiator: Sarah Urriste - HealthSystems
Note Taker: Reid Manchester

Mary Carleton, William Davis, Asif Haque, Allison Ramoy, George Spanti..., Vicky Braun, Dan Crowley


  • Scrum struggle was that staff would sometimes be idle, stories would be too large, teams could not agree on points for features.

Recommendations/Next Steps/Actions:

  • Velocity is measured in points delivered per sprint. This can still be used in kanban.
  • Still use refinement session in an ad-hoc fashion
  • Do hold retrospectives, but less process orientation and more of a team-building and prep for the upcoming sprint cycle
  • Still use a scrum/flow master
  • Implement a WIP limit. Some team members will resist sharing their WIP load for fear of receiving more work, but press them to communicate, don't let them get away with it
  • Some teams may find value in running Kanban within Kanban, further breaking up their work within the lane. 
  • It's still valuable to measure and track cycle time, to see that points delivered goes up or down and how long it takes to deliver that value
  • Ensure that WIP items being reported by the team are truly In Progress. If it's not being worked on right after the stand-up meeting, it's not In Progress. Falsely reporting items as IP creates waste and prevents others from working on that item
  • Use a Bi-weekly prioritization process that covers business value delivered and other metrics. Dimensions to be used could be things like: Business Value, standardization, complexity, compliance
  • Use an 'Expedite' lane on the board to cover customer supported tickets, and talk about those tickets first in the stand-up

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