Friday, November 18, 2016

How Do You Integrate Web Design into the Scrum Framework?

This session focused on how to incorporate the UI design work into the development scrum process and facilitate better communication and efficiency.

Suggestions included:

  1. Have UX & Design spike stories within sprint
  2. QA approve acceptance criteria at the beginning of the sprint & Designer approve UX at the end of the sprint.
  3. Develop first then refine with the designer
  4. Dependency management is the key to building efficiency and collaboration between design and development
  5. Use SLACK (web app) for development team to collaborate and share their work with the design team during sprints
  6. Identify the core design elements needed by the development team at the beginning of the project - this will be the focus work for the design team
  7. Design lo-fidelity comps then hand off to the development team to build
  8. Work in 5-day Design Sprints then hand off to development team to build

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