Friday, November 18, 2016

Initiator: Nick

Note taker: Lakshmi Ramaseshan

Participants: 6-7 members

Discussion / Key Concepts / Quotes / Revelations / Highlights

 How do you track & estimate business value?
  1. How does a Management Team estimate business value? What models do you use for estimating?
  2. When developing new strategies or build on existing strategies having a business case is important
  3. Project Canvas or Lean Canvas is a simple way to understand the purpose/ROI of a project
  4. Measurable Success is important
  5. Having Stakeholders estimate bus. value using T-shirt sizing is appropriate just like developers estimate stories
  6. Relative Sizing/Estimating & having a baseline is a good way to bring about consistency with values over time
  7. It's helpful for developers to know the value of a feature
  8. OKRs are a good way to start
  9. Doing Earned value vs. Traditional Cost/Value Mtg can be used
  10. SMEs are not the best estimator of value - it's important to have them engage in conversations which not only determines value of an Epic/Feature, but also the Opportunity Cost of not being able to get it to Market at a certain time
  11. Build or Buy Decisions typically have a Business Value incorporated into the process since it's the starting point of trying to figure out whether a team would build or buy
  12. Executive Dashboard like Valpak is the ideal = Encourage Your company or Team to take a Tour (Contact Stephanie Davis)

Recommendations / Next Steps / Actions

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