Friday, November 18, 2016

Initiator:Christina Alonso

Note taker: Christina Alonso


Discussion / Key Concepts / Quotes / Revelations / Highlights

 What are some great Ice Breaker ideas?

Recommendations / Next Steps / Actions

Main points:

  • Ice Breakers can flop. Ex. Star Wars exercise.
  • Don't assume people know movies, etc.?
  • Take culture into consideration when you are planning/selecting an ice breaker
  • If you can, learn about your team members and leverage that when selecting an ice breaker.
  • Ice Breakers don't always have to be "happy." They can be deep and thought provoking.
  • Ask open-ended questions to open up discussion.

Ice Breaker Ideas

  • Everyone shares a fun fact about themselves
  • Everyone states their moods in terms of the weather. i.e. sunny, cloudy, etc.
  • Everyone says 2 truths and 1 lie about themselves. The others try to determine which one is the lie.
  • Ask everyone to share: What animal would you be? (You can change animal to anything else you want.)
  • Bananagram using Agile terms
  • Marshmallow Challenge
  • Untangle
    • Line people up and have them all lift their right arms and reach over and grab someone else's right hand. Then have then lift their left arms and grab a different person's left hand. Now, they untangle themselves. You can time them and do it several times.
  • Do the Wave (like the wave done at a sporting event).
  • Have everyone create a mindmap of themselves and then share it with the others.
    • You can create mindmaps using: work, home, vales, where do you live?, and family
  • Rock/Paper/Scissors
  • Mafia Game
  • Create teams of 3. 2 people look at the 1 and infer as much information about the person just by looking at them.
  • If you have virtual teams, you can: share a common trait you all my share and talk about it. ex. food
  • What did you want to be when you were 5 yrs. old?

Resources you can use to learn about other Ice Breakers:

  • Managing For Happiness (Book)
  • Try to look up "Summer Camp games" for kids. You would be surprised at learn that some games can be used.

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