Friday, November 18, 2016

Life After Agile (AGILE LIFE)

  • What are you thinking about after Agile?
    • AI (West World)
    • Millennial running the world
    • Embrace Global Warming
    • True Virtual Agile Coach
    • Agile Genetics
      • Inject Agile principles into a person's DNA
      • Nurture vs. Nature
    • BOTs (clone development teams)
    • Agile is a higher level programming language 
      • So many languages are lower level that rolls up to a new higher level
    • No UI
      • Amazon Echo with RasberryPi
      • Glass technology
      • Speaking face to face with virtual device
    • Connect with your mind
      • Watson interface with your brain
    • No more waiting! (Millennials)
    • EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
      • Are we going to have more isolation?
      • Will there be a time when we don't talk to people?
      • Will you seek people who agree with you because so easy to find them and then ignore disagreement?
    • Is your best friend going to be a computer?
    • Maybe technology will pick up all of our work and people will not have to work and therefore will have more time for personal time, relationships and more social interaction.  This would be a complete full cycle turn back to a more social society.
    • Eldercare 
      • Put a chip in your body to administer medication
      • Identify diseases and cure before you
      • know them
      • Older aged people population explodes
    • When does our smart phone go away?
      • Will we have a smartphone in our head?
      • Lens in our eye
    • Future of security 
      • Look at 500 elements of you with biometrics (how you turn your head) - behavioral DNA

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