Friday, November 18, 2016

Life After Agile

Initiator:Leon Sarbarsky

Note taker: Salena Vitkovic

Participants: Rene, Travis, Susan, Jeff, Jill, Leon, Bryan, Ed, Mark, Farrah, Stephanie

Discussion / Key Concepts / Quotes / Revelations / Highlights

  • What will Agile coaches look like? Constantly Teaching
  • AI
  • Embrace Global Warming - Tech Opportunity
  • VR Agile Coach
  • Cognitive Computing - Developers
  • Bots - Deep Learning
  • Agile Genetics - (DNA)
  • Higher Programming Languages - There are 13 languages in the tech stack and to do this you have to go through this and to get to this you are required to do this...
  • Will languages be fighting it out? Go, Swift...
  • NO UI - Amazon Echo, Alexa, Google, Siri, Raspberry Pi
    • UI Moving to glass technology - ex. Teleprescence
  • Loyal to Service and not a company
  • Watson - IBM Controls your mind
  • Robotic Development - speak natural development
  • Would you put a chip in your head? Does it depend on what it can do for you?  Would you be willing to be a BETA for the greater good?
  • In a society of instant gratification Emotional Quotient/Intelligence value will go up.  The ability to demonstrate self-control will be a differentiator
  • Elder Care - Would be a hot market as people live longer, the technology/health care business value will be tremendous
  • Other possibility - will society/humanity take a step back and back off technology and move to more human interactions, because as we are freed up from day to day chores, higher order thinking will prevail and the drive for understanding and relationships will be the highest priority.


Recommendations / Next Steps / Actions

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