Friday, November 18, 2016

Making Sprint Demos exciting and productive

Initiator: Kenneth Dick -Valpak

Invite Everyone?
Performing Demos by team benefits
--Only certain stakeholders attend
-- People that attend ask questions
-- Actively connecting QA with stakeholders creates value
-- QA aren't as interested in sprint Demo because they have seen it all sprint

Conversation ideas
-- Demo length is important
-- The person who worked on it is the best person to present it.
-- Everyone should have a business perspective for Demos
-- Inclusive presentations give the team pride in their work and visibility to leaders
-- Product owners should market sprint demo contents to stakeholders
-- Support development time described using theme groups help communicate to leaders
-- Sprint theme can be important when the theme equals the most important business deliverable
-- Listeners don't always care about sprint themes unless it helps communication or is FUN
-- Free food! People pay more attention out of gratitude
-- Demos can be your last line of defense against faulty product delivery to customers
-- Attendance rises with webex/other digital delivery

Demo Slides Content Consensus
-- What problem did you solve?
-- Who did the fix?
-- One screen visual summarys
-- Major GUI designs planned for next sprint

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