Friday, November 18, 2016

Solutions to remote work challenges

Solutions to remote work challenges.

Non-verbal communications missing
  • use web cam
  • use conference rooms where people present can read the body language of others in the conference room and add color/interpretations to words
  • have in-presence (everyone in the same place) team building activities to bond as a team so member understand each other better
Why do we have remote workers?
  • available skill pool is increased
  • have people close to physical resources such as servers/data centers
  • better, more convenient time zone coverage
How do we create presence for remote workers?
  • have remote workers create a compelling work space for themselves
  • create effective feedback loop for remote workers
  • bring team together physically for team building activities
  • establish continuous presence between remote workers and co-located workers
  • let remote workers share weather of local items of interest during stand-ups for connection purposes
  • encourage people to be who they are, to be authentic

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