Friday, November 18, 2016

Sustainable Middle Management!

Initiator: Robert Kinnerfelt
Notetaker: Sarah Urriste
Participants: Alvin Providence, Becky Herman, Prashanth, Jens Ostergaard, Wendy, Ivy, Anjali, Michelle Mitchell

Collaboration Area: Ripen
The problem is management starting as POs and SMs when a company moves to agile
Participant: We're finding that another problem is PMs and Managers impeding the agile transformation because they have the most to lose
Questions posed: Do we need middle management? Who is defined as middle management?

Robert proposes that there should be Artifact Management and People Management

Artifact Management: Anything you can put on a board and prioritize. The following people should perform artifact management:
  • Product Owner
  • Project Manager: Manage communication between teams and dependencies
  • Program Manager
  • Technical Lead
  • System Architect
  • UX Management
  • Requirements Mgmt
  • Release Management
  • Content Mgmt
  • Configuration Mgmt
People Management: Manage the environment so people can grow and become better at their job. The following people should perform people management.
  • HR Issues
  • Guild Leaders
  • Should SMs be considered mgmt? No. SM should not have a "side"
  • This person has reportees?
  • Should the team self-manage?

Recommendations/Next Steps

How to create sustainability with middle management?
  • Training
  • Guild Leadership: Developing the craft & the people in that community (Artifact & People)
  • Find your own place in a scrum team
  • Create/guide the direction people should go
  • Support from upper C-level management
  • Help reports find their role
  • Motivate & Incentivize
  • Manage expectations
  • Coach: Assist in the decision making, but don't make the decisions for people
Issue: Middle management can be absent and unaware of what's happening with their reports
Possible Solution: Implement "Guild Leaders" that pop into standups and meetings, meet with their reports to see how things are going, meet with the POs & SMs to have a holistic understanding of how their reports are doing on the Scrum team

Middle management should manage dependencies between different departments

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