Friday, November 18, 2016

Tools Agile Blessing or Agile Devil

Initiator: Jens Ostergaard
Note taker: Jens Ostergaard

Session started with Jens explaining what he meant by the topic and that he wanted to focus project management tools.

Thereafter the group discussed and listed reasons why tools are positive and why they can be negative

Positive            Negative

Visibility          Does not fit needs
Audit                Trail Time Consuming
Notification     Impact Transparency
Integration        TME
Flexibility         Integration
Configurable    Flexibility
Metrics             Configurable
Savings            Metrics

We concluded that many of the things could be both positive and negative depending on the organization.

We the moved on to discuss what it meant to be forced to use a Tool

Positive                           Negative

Consistency                     Frustrating
Audit                               Lose creativity
Excited to Learn Tool     More time Updating
One Stop Shop                Loss of Motivation
                                        Creates more Process

We then concluded some things that can be valuable if you want to use a tool

Good for large organizations
Has to be the right tool
Mold tool to your organization, nit the other way
Involve end users
Feedback internally
Process way more important than tool
Get a tool team
Do research
Team flexibility in collection data for tool





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