Friday, November 18, 2016

Working with Vendors

Presenter: Jay Kash

Participants: Jay Kesh, Debbie Mesa, Jackie Baker, Janet Stearns, Tasha, Alexis Martin, Fred Mastropasque, Brian Attuso, Phillip Cassea, Rick Regueira


Coordinating with vendors - Pain Points
  • Not the right vendor - vendor is using waterfall
  • How do we fit sprints into a project plan
  • Aligning deliverable
  • When is the right time to sign statement of work so you and the vendor are ready at the same time
  • Communication lacking between business and IT
How to Improve
  • Increase trust, sharing, transparency
    • Educate the vendors on how and why you work in an agile way
  • Agreements and SOW to include things like vendor participating in refinement, sprint reviews and allocating a specific amount of time to be available to participate with the team
  • Size the work and ask the vendor for priority as things change
  • Include vendor in story mapping
  • Have multiple, smaller SOW - one per phase
  • Educate you legal people (contract writers) on how to create agile contracts
  • Shorter contracts - iterative

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