Friday, October 6, 2017

Agile Metrics - Light weight and relevant

Topic Title: Agile Metrics - Light weight and relevant

Initiator: Prashanth Prasannathirtha

Participants: Kevin Krieger, Suzanne Layne

Discussion Highlights:

What metrics are easy to produce and valuable to key stakeholders?

  • story points per sprint - this helps product owner to understand capacity of team and helps in future planning
  • Number of support hours spent by the team - This helps to understand the average time spent by team for support activities and provides inputs for sprint planning
  • number of releases per time period - this shows how quickly team can release features to production
  • sprint burn down charts - helps team to understand their progress. Not for management reporting
  • release burn up charts - in case of projects, this kind of chart shows the progress at end of each sprint. Helps to understand the overall health.
Additional discussion points
  • Comparing velocity across teams is not needed as velocity is specific to a team. 
  • defects in non-prod environment is not relevant to end user
  • if you have long running teams, the is better awareness of team's capacity and better trust between PO and teams. This will eliminate need for lot of metrics.
  • automation helps you to improve predictability and reduces manual metrics
  • some of the tools generates reports automatically

Ideas for Action/Next Steps:

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