Friday, October 6, 2017

Topic Title:  How do you stabilize teams in a highly chaotic enterprise environment

Initiator:  Mike Miller

Participants: Denise Duggan Jamie Leatherman, Amanda Serrano, Elton Nix, Jennifre Maldonado, Swati Chintana, Daniel Bridges, Tyson Bakes, Vicki Braun, Ed Brunner

Discussion Highlights: 
Isolate team
Visualize interruptions
Visualize impediments
Joural commitment / delivery
Distance doesn't help communication
Metadata on trends
Kill sprint
Negotiate things out if you pull stuff in
Slack plug-in (Standuply)
Filter work through PO
Tell PO "no"
Agility Health Radar - survey - integrates with 1
SAFE Team Heath Check

Ideas for Action/Next Steps:
Build trust
Check in with your team
Get team buy-in / involve them in decisions
Cynefin scale
         Complicated        |       Complex
          Chaos                 |        Simple

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