Friday, October 6, 2017

Topic Title: The Introvert's Survival Guide to Agile

Initiator: Julee Bellomo

Participants: Michelle Obama, Simon Stankevicius, Laura Melendez, Amanda Serrano, Carrie Waddell, Jody Dattisman-Wagman, Jonathan Elbert, Elton Nix, Carolyn Haack, Sam Falco, Eric Casas, Farrah Miller, Shelly Bishop, Chris Levine

Discussion Highlights:

  • Introverts in an ecosystem defined by extroverts
  • Self -Identified your introvert level, myths and myth busters, leadership in agile, actions for solutions

Action Items:

  • Create a balance
  • Writing over speaking
  • Solitude over action
  • Restore self over bias to action
  • Being useful over huggles
  • Intellectual over social


  • Potlucks instead of happy hours
  • Create silence in meetings
  • Allow space to think (ex: have a day with no meetings)
  • Get permission to take breaks
  • Brainwriting over brainstorming

Big take away:

  • Balance action with thinking
  • Check in on your self-bias towards labels
  • Introverts should communicate and participate when needed, but provide time to restore
  • Extroverts should find out how others want to work
  • Ambiverts are in the middle

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