Friday, October 6, 2017

Topic Title: Helping Stakeholders Understand Iterative Processes

Initiator: Shani Fails

Participants: Steve Sladoje, Chris Levine, Amanda Ippolito, Patrick McClain, Theresa Travis, Violet Nahrold

Discussion Highlights:

Customers are committed to ensuring products are done and perfect, but is there really such a thing? Life itself is iterative, so how can PO's help stakeholders understand this concept with projects?

Ideas for Action/Next Steps:

  • Use games (such as penny factory) to demonstrate that big things take time
  • Embrace change from stakeholders
  • Introduce releases/agreement on MVPs
  • IKIWISI = I'll know it when I see it (usually describes how stakeholders feel)
  • Establish an MOU = memorandum of understanding
  • Measure lead time or the time it takes to complete project from when it's thought of until it is in production.
  • MVP = minimum viable product (establish MVP with stakeholder)
  • Get support from company leadership
  • Build a sense of safety among stakeholders from the top down
  • Get strong support from your scrum master
  • Find ways to reduce stakeholder anxiety/fear
  • Deliver constantly - deliver MVPs

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