Friday, October 6, 2017

Topic Title: Identifying/Measuring Bandwidth

Initiator: Daniel Bridges

Participants: Tyson Baker, Dennis Griffith, Jimmayya Jojjauaru, Justin Hirota, Chris Teeples

Discussion Highlights:
Tracking is your friend - if something seems important, track it. How many production issues did you have? You'll know if you track where issues are discovered and their size.

Sprints are for prediction - avoid adding unpredictable things to them

Ideas for Action/Next Steps:
Track new fields in your software like Jira. Where did bugs get discovered, by who, How many hours of QA is this ticket, etc. Provide this data to stakeholders/PMs to enable decisions.

Manage external dependencies- make your definition of ready include what you need for tickets, you aren't ready to work on tickets if something unpredictable is a prerequisite.

Process brings predictability - if you can define a process, you can start predicting things. If you don't have the control over something, like UAT, maybe it shouldn't be part of your sprint, since that needs to be predictable.

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