Friday, October 6, 2017

Topic Title:
Why does Agile adoption F.A.I.L? (first attempt at learning)

Initiator: Dominique McCarthy

Participants: Serg Ivanov, Dan Crowley, Mike Miller, Daniel Hamilton, Chris Levine, Bill Dean, Daniel Hirschlein, Eli Berrios, Bernie Manlapig, Oral Ashley, Patrick McClain

Discussion Highlights:
What is everyone's experience with Agile -- where are you in the process of adoption?

- What are the obstacles to adopting agile?
Understanding the agile methodology, not knowing the why of changing to agile
Implementing takes time
Cargo cult agile - building fake notions that the process will fix everything
No committment -- top down and across other teams (sales sold specific product to be delivered on specific date)
People use buzzwords / terminology without really understanding them...getting them confused-- agile, scrum, kanban
Understanding the why -- want to be more responsive
Too easy to snap back to old ways
Unsure how to handle emergencies
Not understanding the context --- Cynefin ...agile is not the answer for all scenarios
Complicated │Complex
Chaos           │  Simple

- What are the solutions/ideas for action/next steps
Agile coach or evangelist to continue enterprise education
Create a space for adapting
Failure is ok → First Attempt at Learning...just experiments
Having Sprints/iterations to show work completed and allow opportunity to make changes
Prioritize; respect the sprint -- if something comes in, something needs to come out
Use Visual tools to show stakeholders
Add in spikes, placeholders to allow time for research and production issues
Celebrate successes -- even small ones -- then more teams will want to adopt
Continuously retrospect and learn from the past -- don't 'snap back to old ways' and abandon all together

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