Friday, October 6, 2017

Measuring Value Beyond Straight Fibonacci

Topic Title:Measuring Value Beyond Straight Fibonacci

Initiator: Steve Sladoje

Steve Granese, Simon Stankeuicius, Lucille Scaglione, David Haight, Brandon Peacock, Jack Cayon, Efrain Perez Jr, Lani McDaniel, Sarah Urriste, Danielle Hinson, Kevin Krieger

Discussion Highlights:

  • Add Business Value to Features
  • Epics are likely too large and would have necessarily large risk in the valuations
  • PBIs are too granular
  • Screen Shots from the Flip Charts:

Ideas for Action/Next Steps:

Explore your own factors and create valuation calculations using the ADDITIVE, SUBTRACTIVE and MULTIPLICATIVE techniques to see what kind of Business Valuations you might uncover.

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